More thoughts on horses and sculpture

I have loved the idea of a true horse/ rider partnership since my childhood days of dreaming of one day owning a horse. It was a romantic fantasy born of the novels and T.V. shows of my childhood. Where people understood horses and horses understood people, to the point of being able to save the day after some dramatic crisis! OK, not very realistic but it started my desire to have a sane and sensible, go anywhere, horse that worked with me, rather than being just controlled by me. Many years later I still aim for co-operation through communication rather than force. It may be a little fanciful but we all need something to strive for and this is mine. It’s been a lifelong passion which will never truly end and the process of learning has been, and will always be, the reason I ride horses. I take every opportunity to learn from the horsemen I admire and I learn every day from my own horses and fill in the gaps with my best experience of watching and observing.

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